Richard Pitman


Cameron Bright, Contributor

Richard Pitman was born and raised in southern and central California. He moved to New Mexico in 1996 because he loves the mountains.

Mr. Pitman attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, and finished at UC Santa Cruz, with a degree in Aquatic Biology. He also took classes at UC Berkley for two summers.

“In high school I discovered I loved to learn things,” he said, explaining how he discovered his interest in teaching. “Teaching allows me to study the science of teaching Science, which is very interesting to me, especially how the brain develops as you grow up.”

He chose to teach Biology because, he said, “It is so obviously applicable in everyone’s life.” He is mostly fascinated with the human brain.

“I really like challenges and teaching is very challenging,” he said. He also explained that since students all have different backgrounds and interests, everyone brings a potentially new perspective to the class.

Outside of school, Mr. Pitman likes to play piano and guitar and go mountain biking. He also enjoys working on his house and having a garden most summers. In the future he plans to travel more, especially to the ocean.