Demonettes Sweep Lady Horsemen

Angelese Quintana

On Jan. 14, the Demonettes beat their rivals the Lady Horsemen 32-44 in a game the whole city of Santa Fe would want to be there for.  

Coming off of their third consecutive win, the Demonettes started out confident; however, at the half the Demonettes trailed 20-16. 

“St. Mike’s came out with more energy than us the first two quarters,” Alexis Espinoza, one of the starters, said. 

After a rough first half, the Demonettes came back with stamina, scoring 17 points just after the third quarter with the Lady Horseman only scoring 2.   

Kabreya Garcia, one of the top shooters of the game, shared how the team returned to the game after halftime. “We came back, slowed ourselves down, made smart decisions, took care of the ball, and played good defense,” she said.

Going into the fourth quarter with the roar the crowd, the Tony Roybal Memorial Gymnasium was on fire. The Demonettes kept up with making of points. But the Lady Horseman were right behind them. 

As the game was coming to an end, the Demonettes got to finally take a breath and they managed to keep their 14th ranking in their seed.

The C team and JV also won their games against the Lady Horseman.