Sarah Gilman


Alondra Hernandez, Contributor

Sarah Gilman, Santa Fe High’s new Art and Crafts teacher, said she found her passion for art at a young age.

“Growing up, it was a natural interest for me and I like working with my hands,” Ms. Gilman said. She explored that passion by going to Pratt Institute in New York City and California College of the Arts.

Ms. Gilman, who has been teaching for 11 years, said she knew from the beginning that she wanted to teach. “I’ve always been interested in passing along what I know to others, and people enjoy the passion I have for art,” she said. “I’m an artist and I think art is really important to all cultures in the world.”

And what is she most looking forward to at Santa Fe High? “I am excited to be teaching Crafts. I look forward to ‘growing’ the program with upper level classes such as Advanced Crafts and an AP Crafts class,” she said. “I am interested in creating a program that inspires students, one that reflects the culture we live in, as well as the world around us” she explained.

When Ms. Gilman is not teaching, she can be found in her studio, with her family and dog, or in the mountains, biking and running.

When asked what she enjoys about her profession, she said, “I enjoy working with students. Their unique perspectives, ideas and energy helps to direct my teaching. I hope to inspire them to be active participants in the creation of their future.”