The Hoodie Trend


Axel Merida

Hoodies are one of the most common types of outerwear in all of fashion. But even though hoodies are meant to be worn in fall and winter, why do people wear them in spring and summer? Can it be just for fashion or are there other reasons?

People around Santa Fe High were asked why they like wearing hoodies so much. All of them asked to be anonymous.

Some think that hoodies are a trend, and they don’t wear them just to stay warm. They like to wear them because they have good designs. Others say they wear them because their T-shirt is wrinkled and they don’t feel like ironing it.

Students were also asked if some hoodies are overpriced. One said, “It depends which one you’re purchasing, like if they’re for casual wear, waterproof, or if they’re designer, like Supreme, Off White or Bape.” Those designer brands cost from $500 to $1000.

Another student said, “No, hoodies aren’t overpriced, such as the ones you buy at Zumiez or other retail stores, but if you’re talking about the ones that Hypebeast wear, then you have a whole different topic of hoodies, like which one is more expensive or which one has a cool design and for a somewhat affordable price.”

The next question was, Does quality matter in a hoodie? This includes feel, texture, and material. Many said, “Yes, because who would wear a hoodie that feels so itchy with rough material?”

Some said, “If it doesn’t bother you that much, then wear it, but if you can’t handle it, then don’t wear it or sell it.” Others described their favorite materials, like knit, polyester or nylon.

Students also shared which brand they prefer. Many said Champion hoodies because they feel more comfortable.

According to Comfort Nerd, Gildan, Champion and retailer hoodies are the most comfortable ones, with a soft material and for good prices.