Demonettes Take Fifth at State

Demonettes Take Fifth at State

Alyssa Sanchez

The Santa Ana Star Center is only filled halfway with people, many who are tired and exhausted by the late start of the game. Cleveland Storm’s parents are still cheering, despite the exhaustion while Santa Fe High fans are low in their seats.

It’s the third set with Cleveland at game point and two sets under their sleeves. The game ends with a kill from one of Cleveland’s outside hitters, ending the season for the Demonettes. Despite the loss, in the end, the Demonettes had a successful experience at state, placing fifth in the 5A division.

Because of the loss against Sandia during the 5A tournament on Nov. 9, the Demonettes were seeded fifth in State. Many on the team were happy for this seeding because anything higher or lower would have resulted in playing harder teams sooner.

This seeding led to the Demonettes playing against Hobbs, the 12th seed in state. Even though the Demonettes were playing the lowest seed, they still had to play smart and not be too confident. This is because last year, Hobbs took the Demonettes to five sets at State and almost pulled out the win. Many didn’t want a repeat of last year, so they pulled it together and focused to beat Hobbs in three sets.

After the victory against Hobbs, the next game was against Volcano Vista, the fourth seed. Many of the Demonettes were confident that they could beat Volcano Vista, but as the time of the match kept getting pushed back later and later because of longer games in the bracket, their confidence was soon replaced with anxiety.

When the game finally came, the Demonettes lost the first two sets and were frustrated in themselves. A loss wouldn’t result in going home, but it would make winning State a lot harder in the long run. The team came together and decided that they had to win the next three sets. The Demonettes won the next two sets and were ready to beat them in the fifth game but Volcano Vista apparently thought the same thing for they came out and beat the Demonettes in the last set.

Even though they were discouraged, the Demonettes knew they still had a chance, but it would be even harder now that they were in the loser’s bracket.

The next game that they played was against Roswell, who were the 11th seed. The Demonettes won in four sets and were set to play Cleveland later that evening. The game was originally supposed to be played at 8:15, but the previous games on the court they were scheduled to play on went late. So the Demonettes didn’t play until 9:45.

The first set was a close game, but the Demonettes lost. The second game was far from close, and the Demonettes played like they were already defeated. Many didn’t want to lose to Cleveland without a fight, especially since this was the last game for many of the varsity players. The Demonettes fought a little bit harder but lost in the end.

Even though the Demonettes lost, they still had an outstanding record of 20-6 overall. Not only was their record strong, but they also took fifth in state as they did last year.

Many people are excited to see what becomes of the team next year, especially now that six seniors are leaving.