Construction Update


Dominique Sena

Many students are probably wondering what Santa Fe High will look like in the next few years. Assistant Principal Mr. Mutz had plenty to say about how the campus will change.

What changes are expected by the end of the year?
The first major change to happen after construction began was the ramp to the gym opening up. This was an exciting change, especially for handicapped students. Before this, the only way for handicapped students to get to the gym was through the parking lot.

Regarding the new building, Mr. Mutz said, “You’ll probably see the exterior of the building done but nothing will be completely done until the end of the summer.”

What is the new building going to be?
The new building being constructed in front of the gym/performing arts building will be an administration building. According to Mr. Mutz, there will be a new nurse’s office, new offices for the principals and some other faculty, and an entrance for visitors. Along with it will be a new visitor parking lot.

What is the long-term plan?
The plan is for a new cafeteria building to be built within the next two years, right next to the new administration building. After the cafeteria, the schedule is less certain. There is the possibility of a new building in the empty lot in front of the Commons, between Demon Alley and the Visual Arts building, possibly for the Innovate academy.

There are more future plans after this as well, such as taking down the Activity Center and then remodeling the gym. Along with that, the plan is to move the cheer and wrestling rooms closer to Demon Alley.

Everything else
Aside from a section for visitors and an extra row being added to the parking lot, parking will essentially remain the same. The older tennis courts may either be sold to the city, or will be demolished for more parking space.