The Wind Was On The Demons’ Side


Rylan W. Martinez

The Santa Fe Freshman football team faced Los Alamos in the freezing weather (46 degrees) on Monday afternoon, with big gusts of winds that were blowing at 28 miles per hour.

The Demons got a good start in the first quarter with a 75-yard pass to a wide receiver, which then was run into the endzone for a total 90-yard touchdown. But in the second quarter, the quarterBack threw the ball in mid-air for an interception and then what turned into a touchdown for Los Alamos, all at the last second before halftime.

“They got real lucky,” a fan said. Indeed, the referees argued about the play because the defensive player who intercepted the ball ran into the endzone when the clock hit 0:00. Later, referees agreed that it was good so they had to put five seconds back on the clock for them to kick the extra point before halftime.

In the locker room, as usual, the coaches worked their magic and the team went out prepared for the second half ready to take risks.

In the third quarter, the defense got a good six sacks, but that didn’t stop Los Alamos from making it into the endzone. It’s safe to say they were doing what the Demons were doing in the first half, so the Demons were all over the offense with a lot of great plays. They eventually finished and sealed the game with a winning touchdown. The final score was 20-13 for the Demons.

As a reminder, tickets are free to students with IDs.

Varsity football plays Del Norte at home. At this homecoming game, Demon Gear will also be sold.