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Understanding the Russia Investigations: Page

It has been called fake news and a diversion devised by Democrats, but there is a stark reality in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation that is worth probing.

With the multitude of assumptions and political biases that influence the media, it is important to compare what is being said — and by whom — to fully understand the facts. However, it is these biases that make understanding what is happening and what has happened so confusing, not to mention time-consuming.

This article attempts to simplify, analyze, and present the facts in the Russia investigation as well as examine how different news outlets present — or ignore — the information.

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What Happened

On Nov. 3, Carter Page, a former foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign, testified before a house committee that he had traveled to Russia over the summer of 2016. While this is not new information, he did disclose that he did discuss the trip with other Trump campaign officials in more senior positions. Unlike previous questioning in regard to the trip, Page did admit to meeting with Russian o...

Why It Matters

Carter Page’s testimony is, in and of itself, unremarkable relative to the other issues pressing the Trump campaign. Prior to the release of this testimony, it was known that he had traveled to Russia while he was a part of the Trump campaign. It was also widely speculated and inferred that what he had previously stated, that the trip was not business related, was false and that he had met with ...

How It’s Being Spun: Left

When reading about this from left-leaning news outlets, the most prevalent kind of bias is the speculation on what happened in Russia during the trip, as well as how many people on the Trump campaign Page interacted with when discussing his trip. While speculation is always present in reporting anything where there is a lack of information, it is important to note that it is speculation, not fact. Wh...

How It’s Being Spun: Right

Unlike other reports on the Russia investigation, there has been less bias in reporting from right-leaning outlets this event. However, there has been bias, and it is almost identical to the coverage of Papadopoulos. Specifically, Page’s role in the Trump campaign has been either diminished or disregarded now that he has testified to meeting Russians — he is now being called only a “foreign ...

How It’s Being Spun: Center

What sets this apart from other events in the Russia investigation is that while it is testimony of a Trump official meeting with Russians to discuss policy, there are still a lot of unknowns due to the concealed nature of the testimony and due to Carter’s pleading the Fifth. This has led to gaps in information in regard to the full details of what occurred on the trip to Russia. While speculati...

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