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Understanding the Russia Investigations: Papadopoulos

It has been called fake news and a diversion devised by Democrats, but there is a stark reality in Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation that is worth probing.

With the multitude of assumptions and political biases that influence the media, it is important to compare what is being said — and by whom — to fully understand the facts. However, it is these biases that make understanding what is happening and what has happened so confusing, not to mention time-consuming.

This article attempts to simplify, analyze, and present the facts in the Russia investigation as well as examine how different news outlets present — or ignore — the information.

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What Happened

On Oct. 30, documents were unsealed that detailed a guilty plea entered into by the defendant, George Papadopoulos, a former member of the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump's presidential campaign. This guilty plea states that Papadopoulos knowingly and willingly made false statements when interviewed as part of the Russian probe. Papadopoulos specifically lied about Russian contacts he made ...

Why It Matters

What sets this apart from other events in this investigation is that the person specifically involved in it, Papadopoulos, has pled guilty. This in and of itself is a crucial point. Unlike all other prior instances when a person has been accused of collusion in this investigation, even if he or she has been arrested, that person has maintained their innocence. However, in this case, Papadopoulos ha...

How It’s Being Spun: Left

Unlike other events in the Russia probe, this one is set apart by the fact that someone has admitted guilt. For this reason, it makes political bias less prevalent. If any party involved denied what happened, for example if someone pled innocent, then that party’s political proponents and opponents would be more inclined to either support or denounce the truthfulness behind that plea. However, the ...

How It’s Being Spun: Center

When reporting the plea of Papadopoulos, most news outlets have been reliable and consistent. As this event largely mimics the Manafort and Gates indictments, there have not been many discrepancies to misinterpret in reports. This time, however, the reporting by these outlets, such as NPR, has been made even more reliable by the fact that the only thing to report has been confirmed by the person wh...

How It’s Being Spun: Right

While the constant issue in politically-right news outlets is the underplaying of these events, that has been especially true now regarding Papadopoulos’ role in the campaign. Rather than describe the events, outlets such as Fox News report on the positives of the Trump campaign, leave out the negatives, and focus on issues of their political opponents. President Trump also exemplifies this in ...

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