Rylan W. Martinez

Santa Fe High Varsity football came around this year with a new title that they haven’t had in over 23 years. Six wins in a season doesn’t sound like much, but for all the blood, sweat, and tears sacrificed from the demons football players, they’d disagree with you there. Starting strong by beating, not only Robertson but Moriarty, St.Mikes (Claiming a 13-year losing streak to its knees), and Capital (also being district champions), they started on a great note with a four-game winning streak, however that came to an end once they lost to eldorado, 28 – 12. But making it up to themselves by winning their first homecoming game against Manzano, 35 – 27, there only then was the idea that the Santa Fe High varsity football team would still finish off their regular season and make it into the playoffs, no problem. However, that idea then lost its touch once they got on the horse wagon of losing streaks once more by losing to Sandia, Clovis, and La Cueva. The Demons were actually like monsters on the field, home or away, and yet the only reason why they lost those games in the first place was out of sheer ignorance that led to nothing but costly goofs. Chances for the playoffs looked very slim with a 5 – 4 record compared to the other teams in their 6A division.


But it was senior commemerance night on the field, which meant that since Albuquerque would be the final game of their regular season, Families and Demon football supporters would send all the good karma they could give to the senior stars of the varsity team. Good energy all around, it came to a coin flip of the team’s fate. One side is if they lose to Albuquerque, that officially knocks them out of the playoffs for good, but if they win over Albuquerque would maybe, only then maybe get them a seed in 7th or 8th place. As the coin flips in the air, we get the side where Santa Fe High wins, thus ending their season on a good note on a win over Albuquerque, 41 – 38. 


A tug of war it was, even though Albuquerque was in the mid-lowest rank of their division, they kept a firm grasp but it wasn’t enough only for Santa Fe to triumphantly take a 9 point lead into halftime.  Honoring those from cancer as a halftime show, the demons march their way back onto the field to only get enough kicks out of the bulldog’s offense and defense just to go from 21 – 12 to 35 – 12. Everything looked like it was a shoo-in before the bulldogs scared Santa Fe high football by making an unbelievable 26 point combat. After running the ball in the endzone once more, with a minute and 48 seconds left on the play clock, they could have tried an onside kick and reluctantly finish us off with a touchdown or field goal. But instead, with a normal kick-off down the field, that only left the demon’s offense to chew out the play clock, ending the game 41 – 38. What a scare it was, everyone was relieved, especially at the fact that Santa Fe High-Senior football players could rest easy with a W to end their regular season, as mentioned before.


Now with a better season that tops off the others in the last decade,  now it’s only gonna be another coin flip in the air as to whether or not the Santa Fe High football program will get a seed in the state playoffs.  It all matters if other great teams like la Cueva, Eldorado, or even Rio Rancho lose in order to allow an open door for the Santa Fe High Varsity Football team.