Santa Fe High crashes St.Mikes 13 year Winning Streak


Rylan W. Martinez

GUESS WHAT SANTA FE HIGH! On September 3rd, our varsity football team continued their undefeated winning streak in the New Mexico Athletic Association football 2021 season. But for them to have accomplished that, they would have had to defeat St.Mikes in the ongoing popular rivalry game. Why this is such a big deal for Santa Fe High Varsity Football is that for the past 13 years, St.Michael’s Football had always beaten SFHS at Ivan Head Stadium. But this time as of the 2021 NMAA season, instead of predictably assuming the horsemen winning this huge rivalry game, as usual, the Demons got lucky. 19 – 7 was the final score, this time resulting in a Demon Victory. Now with coronavirus nearly gone, the stadium was packed. Filled from the top row to the bottom of former SFHS and current SFHS Students and Families. Cheering on and going wild as they roared to the sound of an SFHS rivalry win. One would figure that St. Mike’s and Santa Fe High have been the most popular rival high schools of the state due to how old they are. Santa Fe High (EST. 1899 by Santa Fe Public Schools) and St.Michael’s (EST.1859 by the Christian Brothers) but what shall always be everyone’s favorite way to determine how these two come across each other on a field is football (EST.1924)


In 2008, St.Mikes would win the rivalry game, big deal as if they hadn’t lost to Santa Fe Before, but with a 13-year winning streak finally coming to its end, there will now hopefully be some variety in who we believe will win, St.Michael’s Horsemen or Santa Fe Demons.