Traveling: An Inexplicable, Unforgettable Experience


Lili Gadret

Traveling is an inexplicable, unforgettable learning experience that is always unique no matter the place. When traveling, there are always going to be amazing memories from each and every trip as well as some uncomfortable experiences that then make great stories. One can learn and experience many things on a voyage.  

Spending time with family that one does not see often can be a rewarding experience. Every moment in life is special, but when traveling, people can really enjoy their limited time in the fullest way.

Going to a country or city that one has dreamt about for years is so surreal. Arriving at the airport can be bizarre and exciting. Thinking to oneself how fun the next few days or months will be is thrilling. Seeing places in real life that have only been seen in pictures on a wall or the wallpaper of a phone is an experience one does not forget. 

One can learn from traveling by adapting to the rituals and patterns of people. Learning to cook in the ways one cannot learn in their home country or learning to speak the language of the country one is visiting are ways to learn more about a culture. 

There will always be amusing, low-spirited or joyful stories from a traveling experience that one can share. Getting stuck in an airport because of a canceled flight, reuniting with someone one hasn’t seen in years and finding the same joy as years back, or even thinking one might not make it back to their home country are all examples of experiences that can be scary or frustrating, or which can put a smile on one’s face.

Traveling can have many effects on a person that they may not be ready for. Traveling involves interacting with new people of possibly new cultures and languages. Connecting with people who could be from all over the world can be overwhelming. In general, people struggle with reaching out to people they don’t know in their hometown, but traveling is different. 

During a journey, there are going to be instances when there needs to be communication with complete strangers. Finding the nearest bathroom, the best restaurant in town, or even just a hotel can get tricky. Even though English is common, not everyone speaks it well or at all. Before going on a trip, it’s important to learn the bare minimum words in that country’s language to be able to express basic needs or ask for directions.

Traveling also offers a variety of foods; new foods will be encountered that would otherwise be unavailable or inauthentic. 

Even with all the good that comes from traveling, there can be factors that make it slightly unenjoyable. Jet lag is something to deal with, and with all of the new food comes gaining weight as people tend to not exercise as often or at all while traveling. 

With everything being so new and overwhelming, stress can occur. But despite the stress, traveling is a great way to escape, to see new things, and to experience something completely different.

When traveling one can get away from “real” life or simply just everyday life. In a life where all that is done is work, eat, and sleep, exhaustion is common, and sometimes a break is all one needs. Going on a trip with family or friends can help release stress and can help one feel rejuvenated in a new environment with new things to see and do.