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Tattler Squad Weighs In

Tattler Squad Weighs In

April 16, 2018

When stupid and terrible things happen, many of us find ourselves wondering, “What is wrong with the world?” Well, the Demon Tattler staff decided to try to answer that question. Below you will find the responses of a variety of journalism students. Feel free to respond to the same question in a comment below!

Wyatte Grantham-Philips: Not enough love

“I think there just isn’t enough love in the world — or that there is, but unfortunately we’ve become too scared to show or use it. Sometimes it feels like wherever I look there is more and more hate in the minds of the people on this earth. I find it both heartbreaking and ironic to see how much our society has come to fear the very thing that all of us need — the only thing that all of us need — and transformed it into something that causes us to lack empathy and compassion for one another. But I think the hardest part about witnessnessing this is recognizing that it’s nothing new, understanding that maybe the reason our world has this love ‘deficiency’ is because it’s always been there. This fear of being vulnerable, whether that be with other people, places, or ideas, seems normal today, but I believe that the only difference between yesterday and the present is that we’ve begun to acknowledge the bitterness of that fact because, in actuality, throughout history, it’s always rung true. And so I hope, with all my heart, that that acknowledgement could instigate an overdue change, and that that change could result in the endless possibility that our hearts — only together — have the potential to reach.”

River Edwards: Climate change

“The world has a plethora of issues, but one that is especially frightening to me is the complete disregard for the environment. Climate change is a serious crisis, and people seem to be completely oblivious to the devastating effects that it has already had on the environment. An estimated 95 percent of the American Southwest’s pine-juniper forests are projected to completely die off within the next decade due to unnatural temperatures that make it impossible for the trees to survive. Without these trees to filter the carbon dioxide, the process of global warming will speed up exponentially, which in and of itself is terrifying. Global warming has gotten so extreme that one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, coral reefs, are experiencing mass die-offs. The corals in the far north of the Great Barrier Reef have essentially been boiled in the unnaturally warm water temperatures. It really irritates me that there is such a lack of attention and concern for the environment. It seems like nobody understands the severity of the situation, and that is utterly terrifying. Our world is dying in so many ways, and if action is not taken, the environment may be damaged to a degree that it cannot recover from.”

Ramona Park: Easily butt-hurt and overly dramatic people who crave gossip and attention.

“What’s wrong with the world? The fact that ‘I’ is already capitalized so you can’t emphasize it more in texts; people who put the milk in before the cereal, don’t eat the crust on their pizza, use two-dimensional emoticons (^___^), re-install toilet paper the wrong way, and think salsa is ‘too spicy.’ (IT ISN’T). Did I say pants without pockets? PANTS WITHOUT POCKETS.
Above all, though, easily butt-hurt and dramatic people are what’s wrong with the world.
Tip #1 for spotting a butt-hurt person: Try to tell them about one small thing, or an annoyance you have, and witness them flip the table, cry to you about their ‘problems,’ and bring up politics, or some other irrelevant, overblown ‘controversial’ topic. If you are not paying me $80 an hour to be your therapist or making real diplomatic progress, we should not be having this conversation, Cheryl. Now excuse me while I try to fit half a chapstick and a ball of lint in the shallow seam of my shorts.
Butt-hurt people crave attention and turn everything into drama and controversy. They simply like blowing things out of proportion just for the sake of it—not just in everyday life, but in the real world as well. While I agree that sensitivity to world issues is important, it seems like everything we say is an ‘attack,’ and slowly, we are unable to speak our minds and make jokes without someone being offended.”

Angelica Olivas: Not Enough Happiness

“There are so many things wrong with the world, but, you turn on the five o’clock news every evening, and it’s rare that there’s anything happy being reported on. I don’t think this means that the world is all bad; I think we just tend to focus on the negative, not the positive. All of the bad things happening in the world, or in your life, always seems to have a greater impact than the good things, but they shouldn’t. People would rather sit and mope and feel sorry for themselves, than be grateful for everything they do have. Everyone is too concentrated on what’s wrong, instead of appreciating that there is so much to be happy about.”

Miranda Archuleta: Selfishness

Personally, I’ve found that the major thing wrong with the world is that most people today are selfish. Though this may seem to be something small that would have little impact, it contributes to many pressing issues such as racism, sexism, socioeconomic inequalities, and even gun violence. If someone is extremely selfish, this level of egocentrism prevents them from being able to look at issues from a different person’s point of view, which further inhibits them from being able to behave properly. Consider racism. As a whole it is predominantly caused by ignorance, and often times ignorance is an extension of being too caught up with oneself. Thus, people who are racist fail to recognize that people are more than their race because they think only of themselves and their own feelings. Selfishness contributes to sexism and socioeconomic inequalities in a similar manner as it prevents people from recognizing the things that are universal among all human beings and instead prompts them to focus on differences, which only serves to seperate people. Men and women may hold certain views of the other gender and hold them to those unrealistic expectations because it suits their needs or opinions. Likewise, the rich are often too concerned with their own well-being or their economic interests to provide aid or compassion to those in need. Moreover, those who either strongly oppose or strongly support gun control are so focused on their own thoughts and feelings that they are unable to consider the others’ view and unable to come to a reasonable compromise to promote the safety of the entire nation. Perhaps if people took the time to understand and consider the needs of others before their own, the world would in fact be a better place.”

Sage Merriam: Lack of motivation, passion, drive

“People don’t care enough. About anything. In our generation, everything is just a shrug or a head nod unless it’s a meme. Don’t get me wrong, memes are funny, but they are not the only thing that matters. People don’t have interests or hobbies anymore because we have so many distractions. We need more motivation, more passion, more drive, because let’s face it: Our planet is pretty screwed up, and it needs fixing. Most of the world is living in poverty. Earth is coming to a boil because of global warming. Humans and animals are being trafficked by the minute. Our extinct species list is growing every day. Innocent people are dying. The political systems are a mess. People need to step up and start having meaningful conversations about the change that needs to be made.”

Indira Tho-Biaz Wilder: Ignoring the impact of others

“Racism, discrimination, and prejudice come to mind. There are millions of people all over the world, yet we don’t consciously think of their impact on us. Whether the impact is positive or negative, acknowledging the impact would give traction to the change our world needs. Everything in the world is based on value. Our world is now built on debt and never seems to help anyone. The solution we have to this vicious cycle is making more money, and then spending it, to then have it recycle back into our debt. In addition to poverty and death from malnourishment (hunger) as well as intentional violence, low-income families do not have the same options in emergencies as other families might. Healing is a right everyone should have although many don’t. ‘Just’ going to the hospital isn’t necessarily a simple option to someone who can’t even afford dinner for their three children. Creating alternatives for these types of situations is beneficial to those families, and a solution that could save many lives.”

Josie Duran: Living off hate instead of happiness

“There are people nowadays who base their happiness on how others make them feel, which makes it difficult for them to be happy if that person leaves. Nationwide, there are some corrupt people who just don’t want others to be happy. Older people don’t read the good and happy news; they focus on the bad, and it just calls for a negative outlook on life. There are people who live off giving hate instead of giving happiness. There are even people who would rather do horrible things instead of helping the homeless. If someone were to actually produce more happy news instead of just the bad, then I believe everyone would feel much better.”

Max Looft: Need for big, bold ideas

“Honestly, not enough people focus on positive news, like the recent boost in progress in the space industry. Our future in space is a very important matter that not enough people care about. Progress is vital to the human race, especially inventions or ideas that are exciting. There need to be big bold ideas, ideas that don’t only benefit humans, but ideas that create that spark of hope again that remind us that we can do anything, even exploring the depths of space. I feel that many people forget the power they have, and this recent excitement of exploring space again can do wonders for that.”

Harvey McGuinness: Lack of empathy

“I believe what is most ‘wrong’ with the world is how cloistered and apathetic people, generally, have become. While I by no means mean to say that the world is populated by habitually apathetic people, I do believe that we have become largely too apathetic to the problems that do not immediately or directly affect us. This has practical problems, like the isolationist and selfish ‘America First’ jargon that is being tossed around in the current political climate, all the way down to the trend of regarding being informed as synonymous with actively making a practical difference. The backbone of civilization is empathy, and I believe that this empathy is slowly draining from modern society. This newfound lack of empathy is beginning to display the inevitable repercussions.”

Ivy St. Clair: Always making messes

“There are a multitude of things wrong with our world, and almost all of them are caused by humans. We make messes of literally everything. From the environment to the way we govern ourselves, we’re always making messes. This is not saying that we’re not a highly intelligent and evolved species; it’s just saying that we’re immensely egotistical and unaware of the impact our actions have.”

Maria Yassopoulos: Bad parenting

“There is a lot wrong with the world. Greed, hate, jealousy, money, and above all, the need for power. I believe that the way a child is raised up and the environment they are exposed to are two of the main contributing factors of how they think and view the world. All children should be treated well and be shown the love they deserve. After all, kids are miracles sent from God, and parents are caretakers of these angels. It should come as no surprise that if a child is neglected or mistreated, they will become bitter, cold, or weak, physically or mentally. Of course there are those who are tough enough to get through it all, but we should understand that all kids are born kindhearted, pure and innocent. Of course, there are those who have no parents for unfortunate reasons, and that definitely affects them, for the kids who grow up without a parental figure are the most vulnerable to evil. They have basically no one to teach them right from wrong. I don’t think all of the world’s problems stem from bad parenting or the lack of parenting, but I strongly believe that it is major factor why this world is as bad as it is.”

Natalia Martinez: People immune to threatening issues

“Many people in our world are becoming immune to some of our most threatening issues in today’s society, pushing them aside or seeing them as just another part of how the world is. Not only does this cause a pessimistic outlook on the world’s future, but it also makes it difficult for the people who do want to make a world a better place. As for the problems in our day-to-day routines, I’ve seen that a lot of people seem to make them much more serious than they actually are. Whether it’s a friend who didn’t respond to a message in a matter of seconds, or the feeling of not being good enough because a person on social media is ‘more attractive, funny, or has a lot of money.’ We as a society need to understand that each and every one of us has value, and that we need to step out of the filters that we all place on each other. That there are more important issues to focus on that might just make our lives happier, more safe, and full of kindness.”

Lincoln Byrd: Racism and hatred

“There are plenty of things wrong with the world right now. There is war and a lot of senseless shootings and massacres. The world isn’t safe anymore (not like it ever was). There are lots of problems with racism and hatred among different cultures and religions. Prejudiced people make hate crimes on other races and create groups to symbolize their ‘power.’ … Gun control and safety in schools is another big issue. With more and more school shootings happening, American schools have become a place where children could fear death, and that sounds awful.”

Bacilio Benelalija: Humans numb to violence

“Although there is an overwhelming number of things wrong with the world, one I find completely terrifying is how numb humans have become to any kind of violence. Fighting and killing is completely glorified by the media, and it’s disgusting how in the wake of a tragedy, big media outlets profit. Shootings have become a regular occurrence, and instead of people fearing things like war, it seems like our political leaders are just itching to start a war at the first opportunity they get. Tragedy has just become another normal part of our lives.”

Leila Pierpont: Selfish interests and egotism

“The fact that everyone has their own selfish interests and are egotistical is a big part of what’s wrong with the world. If people do things just for their own benefit, without thinking of the repercussions, then it makes sense that our world is slowly deteriorating, especially the environment and society. If everyone just focuses on themselves, then they aren’t focusing on how their actions affect the environment, which is causing global warming and animals to go extinct. In society, if everyone is focused on themselves, it leads to greed and a government that doesn’t care about the welfare of their people but only about their own wealth and well-being. Some people become really rich, leading to a giant wealth gap, with extremely rich people and people who own only the clothes on their backs.”

Leslie Pacheco: Bullying and taking advantage

“There many more things wrong with the world, which is pretty much everything. These are just two examples: One is kids and adults bullying others. They take it as a joke to make themselves feel better and don’t realize it will hurt the people they are doing it to. Another thing is people taking advantage of other people, an example being students taking advantage of teachers. Although most teachers are pretty smart, they still get taken advantage of.”

Will Germann: Putting bad people in the spotlight

“In terms of school shootings, I think that with the several billion people in the world, it is a given that some of those people have a mindset to kill kids. I don’t understand what they’re thinking and I don’t think most people understand it, but the billions of people here all have their interest in their own stuff. We don’t recognize and give the good people the spotlight as much as we put the bad people in the spotlight. There are a number of examples of good people and things happening in our world that do not receive enough attention.”

Carlos Rivas: Unnecessary and stressful tests

“The way we are given tests every year is very stressful. Not only are we given so many tests, but teachers expect us to be ready and remember everything they have been teaching us, only for us to forget the material. The PARCC test seems unnecessary as is it just a way to test schools on how well their students are doing. So it doesn’t rely on the students really trying their best, as compared to the EOC, where it is for the students who want to pass their classes.”

Tiffany Coblentz: Doing anything to get attention

“The problem with our generation is that anyone will do anything to get the attention they ‘deserve,’ whether it’s bullying or faking a school shooting threat. People think that if their life is miserable, then others’ should be too. Instead of talking out their anger or problems, the only other option is death. They think that if they end other people’s lives then theirs will become better when that’s not the solution. Another thing with people is that they say, ‘I want other people to be bullied as I was’ or ‘I want other people to feel how I felt when I was bullied.’ People see things on social media, think it’s cool, and end up wanting to do it too.”

Baruch Constantine: Websites blocked

“The school blocks every website I need to use for my school work. Every time I go to search for information, I spend the whole time staring at a little blue lock that makes it impossible for me to finish my assignments. This is because child protection laws make it so that any website that asks for personal information can be blocked. There is also a horrible filter in place that blocks almost everything with the word ‘game’ in it unless it’s a stupid math game that people waste their day playing.”

Alcion Io Calderon: An individual’s life

“Human behavior is of physical and emotional importance — sharing what’s in your brain and its creative ways. The unfair thing is when an individual is trained or made to kill, even if it’s for a community or country soldiers who have made that choice and the fact that individuals can make choices. Even when an individual can influence others to give them something, we are not all born equal. We only begin to become a parent or guardian in each we have a fimily with a seconed person. What’s wrong would be the food chain, not ours, but the world’s — we eat close to everything that involves killing animals and humans not for food. The messed up part about all of this in nature is we have the ablity to kill. The fact about living in this time is how our being humans as a whole have started to relax and be more tranquil with each other. We as a race can change and give every huuman an opportunity to affect the world after they learn how to act in a helpful, meaningful way.”

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