The Demon Tattler

Natalia Lucero
Natalia Lucero is an animal lover who has 18 pets: two dogs, six chickens, three hamsters, one mouse, two fire-bellied toads, one pac-man frog, one spadefoot toad, and two bettas. She is fascinated by how unique animals can be.

Natalia enjoys reading sci-fi and murder mystery novels. She loves the way words connect to make ideas and stories. “Books are a way to escape to another world and to discover new concepts you’ve never thought possible,” she said. Her favorite sci-fi book series include The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, The Chronicles Of Narnia, Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children, and A Dog’s Purpose. These books have an underlying message that just connect and make sense to her. Some of her favorite murder mysteries include The Innocent, Hold Tight, Home, and The Woods. She likes the author Harlan Coben because, she said, “His novels will leave you wondering if your very existence connects to something much greater than you ever realized possible.”

She also likes nature: “That’s pretty cool too.”


Natalia Lucero, Author

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