The Demon Tattler

Maximilian Looft

Space. He’d leave it at that if he could, but that’s not allowed.

 Ever since the Falcon Heavy launch back in February, Max has found himself with an extreme desire to become an astronaut, or at least to get a job at NASA or SpaceX. He totally believes that space is where we as a species belong, and there isn’t enough of a demand for the advancement of what we can do in space and how we can further push our limits like we did in the 1960s.

But when he’s not ranting about the mistakes the U.S. has made by discontinuing the Apollo Program or the Constellation Program, he’s probably not doing a lot because for some reason this school thinks it’s a great idea to end the day at 4:00, and he lives half an hour away, so he can rarely ever do anything outside of school. Which means he can only ever do anything on the weekends, which is usually hiking.

Ski Santa Fe has to be one of Max’s favorite places in the world to hike during the fall. All the trees are a warm orange and yellow, the smell is cool and crisp, the hike is always worth it when you get to the top and see all of Santa Fe, and the cows too. There are a lot of cows that just graze about there.

If he could, Max would have a picture of his dog here. Everyone deserves to see him. Everyone. He’s a Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He’s amazing — he has the best smile. He likes to come along with us when we clean the tipi; it’s his favorite place.

 Occupy Mars, 2024!

Maximilian Looft, Author

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