The Demon Tattler

Ciara Ellis-Green
Ciara Ellis-Green is a shy, anxious sophomore who loves cats, ferrets, K-Pop amd Moomin.  She’s quiet, so it takes a while for her to open up to people, but she’s really sweet and goofy when you get to know her. She’s the type of person whom you’re more likely to see reading than talking to people, as she only has a few close friends, but she always loves making new ones, even if it’s difficult for her. She’s a proud mom of two ferrets named Riley and Emmett, whom she loves to cuddle and play with. She’s close with her family, especially her big sister Fiona, who’s always caring for and inspiring her, and helping her to feel less insecure about herself.  She loves reading, dancing, long road trips and visiting her family in England.

Ciara Ellis-Green, Author

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