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Clubs: 2021-2022

Boxing Club 

Members of the boxing club work and train with experienced boxers and coaches to learn how to properly and safely box. Boxers have the opportunity to work with the punching bag as well as spar against a fellow boxer in the ring. 

When: Monday-Thursday from 4:30-5:30 p.m.

Where:  Activity Center at 4:30.

Who: Daniel Bustos is Head Coach [email protected]

         Jennifer Higginbotham is Assistant/Ladies Coach [email protected]

         Roger Ferguson is “The Commissioner” [email protected]


Thespian Club

Thespian club members oversee all theatrical activities that occur at SFHS, including creating art props and backdrops for the plays, serving as ushers before plays begin, managing the box office, and participating in fundraising opportunities.  It’s not all work and no play, however, as advisor Reed Meschefske claims that the club also, “plays games and other stuff.” 

When: Every other Thursday at lunch 

Where: Theater in Performing Arts building

Who: Advisor Reed Meschefske[email protected]


Stock Market Club 

Join the Stock Market Club and compete in the Stock Market Game. The Stock Market Game is “An online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in the world of economics, investing and personal finance and that has prepared nearly 20 million students for financially independent futures.” Each individual or team gets $100K of pretend money to invest in the stock market. You’ll learn about everything from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and virtual investing.

When: Every other Thursday at lunch starting Sept. 16th 

Where: Room A003

Who: Carlos Caldwell [email protected]


Key Club 

Are you passionate about making a positive impact on your community? Are you an advocate for standing up for what is right? Do you want to become a better leader? If you answered yes to any of these, then Key Club is the club for you! Through service and volunteer opportunities, Key Clubbers partner with the SFHS Kiwanis Club to participate in events and initiatives that promote equality, justice, and positivity throughout the school and Santa Fe communities. 

When: Every other Friday during lunch. Next meeting: Sep. 10th 

Where: Room VA101

Who: Melanie Ward[email protected]


Student Government

From pep rallies and lunchtime activities to theme weeks and event preparation, members of Student Government make all the magic happen when it comes to events here on campus. Connect with fellow students, engage with members of the student body, and support our school by signing up for Student Government. 

When: Wednesdays at lunch 

Where: Student Government Room in the Admin Building, Room 116

Who: Karen Hare [email protected]


Rock and Fossil Hunting Club 

Don your best Indiana Jones hat, grab your excavating tools and hop on the bus with Ms. Spurgeon as a member of the Rock and Fossil Hunting Club! This new club will be taking field trips to some of the best sites around Northern New Mexico to unique rocks, minerals, and fossils. If you’ve ever wondered about paleontology, this is the place to learn about it! 

When: Wednesdays at lunch

Where: Room A132

Who: Margaret Spurgeon[email protected]


Bilingual Club 

Bilingual Club is designed to help provide students with bilingual information for student success and families. Whether you’re learning how to speak a second or third language, or waiting to improve your public-speaking skills in your native language, Bilingual Club is a safe and encouraging place to feel connected with other bilingual students or emerging bilinguals.

When: Tuesdays at lunch

Where: Room A137

Who: Katrina Beltrán [email protected]


RADio EARuption Club

Love listening to the radio? Addicted to podcasts? Join one of SFHS’s newest and hottest clubs, the RADIO EARUPTION club! As a member of the R.E.C., you’ll learn all about radio broadcast production while developing youth-driven radio shows and podcasts for the nationally-acclaimed PRX Productions organization as well as terrestrial radio stations.

When: Fridays at lunch 

Where: Room VA 102

Who: Lisa Goldman [email protected]


Youth & Government 

Youth and Government provides students with a new level of experience-based learning on how state government works. Club members will get government-savvy by learning about everything from the inner-workings of the judicial system, to the media’s impact on government, to how to draft and debate bills. Youth and Government also helps students improve core skills that can benefit them in everyday life including leadership, collaboration and public speaking.  

When: Meets Thursdays at lunch 

Where: Room A-004

Who: Chris Pederson and Leslie Karasic [email protected] | [email protected] 


Computer Science Club

Are you crazy for coding? Does programming get you pumped? Come on down to BC-003 on Wednesdays and join the Computer Science Club! Club members spend lunch time working on computing skills and programming projects. And all this work isn’t for nothing, the Computer Science Club sharpens their skills and minds in an effort to  prepare and completely dominate competitors in computer science competitions.

When: Wednesdays at lunch.

Where: Room BC-003.

Who: Brian Smith [email protected]


Gaming Club 

Tired of spending lunchtime being bored and unproductive? Get your gaming groove on with the Gaming Club! Gaming Club provides a space for table-top and video gamers to meet and play! Minecraft and plenty of board games are provided, but new games are welcomed and encouraged. 

When: Thursdays at lunch

Where: Room BC103 

Who: Emily Walukas [email protected]


SAGA [Sexuality and Gender Acceptance] Club

SFHS’ GSA is a safe space for LQBTQ+ youth and allies to meet each other, hang out, share experiences and plan events. Join this supportive growing community and organize around issues that are impacting our school and surrounding community. SAGA isn’t just a club, it’s an opportunity to act as a catalyst for creating deep social change related to racial, gender, and educational justice. 

When: Fridays at lunch

Where: Room A201 

Who: Emily Walukas [email protected] and John Dotts [email protected]



Ping pong is everyone’s sport, so pick up your paddle and prepare for table-tennis battle as a member of the table tennis club! No, you don’t have to have the skills of Forrest Gump. Yes, you do have to have a desire to get out some of your pent-up energy. No, you don’t have to know the rules of the game. Yes, you just need to show up! Advisor Chris Pederson and fellow members can teach you all you need to know, but remember know the number one rule: the best ping pong player is the one that’s having the most fun. 

When:  Every day before class and at lunch

Where: Bottom of A building 

Who: Chris Pederson [email protected] 


Hiking Club

Wanting to try something new this year? Are endless hours of playing video games starting to lose their luster? Grab your backpack, a water bottle, and your tennis shoes and hit the trails with the Hiking Club! Hiking is a great way to explore and appreciate the great outdoors, connect with nature, make new friends, and get healthy exercise! 

When: Wednesdays at lunch

Where: Room A136

Who: Chris Langley [email protected] Nina Bunker [email protected] 


Model UN 

There is a LOT going on in the world right now. If you’re passionate about current events and making the world a better place, join Model UN. This club serves as a  forum for discussing international issues and negotiating solutions to the world’s problems all while learning and improving essential beneficial skills such as researching, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, as well as critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

When: Fridays at lunch 

Where: Room A005 

Who: Chris Eadie [email protected]


Psychology Club 

New to SFHS this year is the esteemed Psychology Club. This club is ONLY for students wanting more Psychology AFTER having completed AP Psychology. You’ll be digging deeper into psychological issues and topics like mental health, antisocial personality disorder, love and relationships, personality inventories, and much more. 

When: Tuesdays at lunch

Where: Room A005 

Who: Chris Eadie [email protected]


Car Club

Whether low-riders are your love language, working on cars is your dream job, or building your own ride is on your bucket list, becoming a member of the Car Club is for you. In addition to forming friendships with others who share your passion for automobiles, as a member of the Car Club, you’ll be meeting with a mechanic each week to share and/or tinker with whatever current auto project is on your list. 

When: Every other Wednesday

Where: Student parking at 5PM

Who:  Nina Bunker | Room A136 | 505-467-2460


National Honor Society

As a member of NHS, you’ll help boost our school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. This year, NHS is focusing heavily on acts of community service and throughout the year members will work to help support various groups around the community. An application (submitted every March for the following year) and good behavioral and academic reports are required. 

When: Mondays at lunch

Where: Room SCI321

Who: Richard Pitman[email protected] 


*Additional Group Opportunities:

  • The counseling office is offering group meetings every day during lunch in the library for students needing additional help and support. 
  • Anyone interested in GSA, the Black Student Union, or other social/impact organizations, contact Zebulon Bellon at [email protected]












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