Demon Country Welcomes Four New English Teachers


Ciara Ellis-Green

We have four new English teachers this year at Santa Fe High: Nicole Miceli, Sarah Ramirez, Joshua Robbins, and Jamie Guevara. 

Ms. Miceli, who teaches 11th and 12th grade regular English, came to Santa Fe High after teaching in Taos, Georgia, and Philadelphia. “The students are kind, funny, and welcoming,” she said, adding that the only negative thing is that there’s no soap in the downstairs bathroom.

Ms. Ramirez was at the school last year as a long-term substitute for Mr. Gaspar, teaching English Language Development in his absence. This is her first year being a full-time teacher; her classes include 11th grade regular English and yearbook. She is also the swim team coach, which she began coaching last year. Ms. Ramirez said she loves the staff here and enjoys the students’ energy. “I love the school spirit,” she said thoughtfully,adding that it’s challenging to teach to all the different standards and keep up with them. 

Mr. Robbins teaches 10th grade English, both honors and regular. He previously taught in other cities across New Mexico, such as Las Cruces and Pojoaque, and in a small town in Colorado. Mr. Robbins said he loves his students’ writing, describing it as “very thoughtful”. He added that he really likes the energy in his class. What he dislikes is the noise from the bathroom hand-dryer across the hall.

The fourth new English teacher is Mr. Guevera, who’s in his 20th year of teaching. He’s taught middle school, high school, and even college before. He currently teaches 12th grade regular English and 9th grade AVID. Mr. Guevara thinks that his students really want good instruction; however, he said that he’s a little bit shocked at how many seniors are not showing up to class. He said he’s trying to provide relevant and interesting lessons to help his students gain more enthusiasm for his class.