Juan Piorno


Yaritza Marquez, Author

Juan Piorno Campo, who joined the staff of Santa Fe High in 2018, teaches Algebra 2 and Applied Mathematics. He says his connection with his students gets better every day.

 Originally from Spain, Mr. Piorno studied for his first university career in Salamanca and later in Madrid. He graduated with a degree in engineering and information systems from the University of Madrid. He also has a master’s in computer information.

Mr. Piorno’s family lives in Zamora, Spain. He has worked in many places, such as Madrid, Panama, Canarias, and more. He said it is very easy for him to travel and move since he is unmarried. He would like to stay here for three to five years and travel around the country since this is very different from what he is used to and has seen.

Mr. Piorno enjoys his moments of tranquility at home. He likes to go out with his friends and colleagues and have interesting conversations. Sports have been a big thing in his life. He has played soccer and handball, has practiced Taeqwondo, and enjoys boxing and swimming. He plays tennis and basketball with his friends. He also loves chess!