Selena de La Garza


David Soriano, Author

Selena de La Garza, who teaches world history and U.S. history, was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She lived most of her life in Texas before moving to New Mexico in June of 2018. She began teaching at Santa Fe High in 2018. 

Ms. de La Garza earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Southwestern University, a small college in Georgetown, Texas, outside of Austin. She said, ‘’The interesting part is that there are more students that go to Santa Fe High than there were in my college — that’s how small it was.’’ 

Ms. de La Garza chose this subject because she loves history. She said, ¨It is interesting, and it is the story of everything.¨

Ms. de La Garza decided to become a teacher so she could work with young people and make a difference in their lives. She also likes how teaching is never boring. “It’s different every day. There are never two days that are the same,” she said.

Three things that she likes to do are going hiking with her dog, reading books, and shooting her bow.