Are School Bathrooms As Bad As Students Say?

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Are School Bathrooms As Bad As Students Say?

Ashley Aguilar Nava, Author

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“There’s never toilet paper and hardly any soap, and some of the stalls don’t even lock,” Niqole Ordonez said about the school bathrooms, echoing a common complaint among Santa Fe High students.

At Santa Fe High school there are ten bathrooms for the girls and the boys. Demon Tattler reporters visited every student bathroom in both the morning and afternoon and recorded whether they had toilet paper, soap, working faucets, working hand-dryers or paper towels, and whether the stall doors locked. Here’s what we found:

It was surprising to see how some faucets worked in the morning but not after school.

“I remember a couple minutes after the last bell rang, I was using the bathrooms in the Academic Building and two faucets didn’t work, which was weird because earlier they worked fine,” said Madelyn Garcia.

The school’s faucets run on battery power, so there’s a simple explanation as to why they stop functioning: When the battery runs out, the faucets stop working, according to Chris Lucero, head of maintenance st SFHS. “Some of them run off batteries that work on sensors. When the battery runs out, we need to put in a work order to replace them.”

Many students have complained that there are no paper towels, but the school has stopped using paper towels because the hand-dryers help save money and paper.

Kimberly Collins said, “I honestly don’t like the school bathroom dryers because they barely even dry your hands.”

Boys at SFHS may have noticed that some bathrooms are locked. “The Visual Arts and Performing Arts have been locked since last year because of graffiti and vandalism,” said Lucero. He continued, “The students have even peed into the sinks and stolen toilet paper.”

It is not known when — if ever — those bathrooms will be unlocked.

There have also been complaints that the stall doors don’t lock, but after reporters visited the bathrooms and took data, suprisingly it shows that they aren’t as bad as students say.

Of course, some bathrooms don’t get refilled with soap or toilet paper during the day, but Lucero also said that if there are too many supplies, they will be stolen or trashed.

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