Suzanne Livingston


Nichole Maestas, Contributor

Suzanne Livingston has taught Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Financial literacy at Santa Fe High. Before joining the staff in 2011, she had also taught Science and Government and Economics in Colorado and Alaska for 30 years.

Ms. Livingston was born in Pyote, Texas. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Colorado Boulder, as well as a master’s degree in Psycho- Educational Studies.

“I am the fourth generation of teachers in my family,” Ms. Livingston explains, “so I never wanted to be a teacher, but it’s like belonging to a circus family — you just have it in your blood, so here I am.” She says what she loves about her profession is watching kids explore, make choices, and mature.

When Ms. Livingston has free time, she enjoys watching Netflix, reading, playing with her horses and dogs, and painting with water colors.

Ms. Livingston lived in Italy for 20 years, where she got married to an Italian citizen. She has three grown children — one works in the medical field, one is a child psychiatrist, and one is a hospital administrator. She also has three grandchildren.

“I’m really happy and at peace,” she says. “I love teaching and I even love making lesson plans/writing my lessons. I look forward to a long life till I’m 100.”