Margaret Ortiz


Haylie Chavez Lopez, Contributor

The life of Margaret Ortiz never slows down, and it smells oh so good.

Margaret said she loves her job in the culinary arts program, where she helps to manage the Alarm Clock Café. A Santa Fe native, Margaret graduated from Santa Fe High in 1980, and from there she jumped right into the food business.

Margaret said she came to work at Santa Fe High in 2005 because she loves to cook and work with kids who share her interest in culinary arts. She originally volunteered with elementary students.

Margaret shared that she is “very picky” and likes to know what’s in her food, which is why she learned to cook. And although she is happy to sample other people’s cooking, she prepares most of her family’s food herself. She said she learned most of her skills from her mother and grandmother.

Her mother and grandmother also taught her how to make jewelry and do many DIY crafts, which Margaret still enjoys. She says whenever she has down time, even when she is watching TV, she’ll always work on one of her crafts.