Carlos Muller


Oscar Perez, Charles Gomez and Ryan Valdez, Contributors

Carlos Werner Muller, who was born and raised in Las Vegas, NM, is a very interesting guy.

“I love teaching kids — high school kids are the best part of my job and the adults are probably the worst,” he says, explaining how he loves to be there for his students, especially regarding the decisions they make as teens because those decisions will have a major impact on the rest of their lives. “I want to be involved in helping students decide which paths they will go down and how education can improve their lives,” he said.

Mr. Muller attended Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He then returned to New Mexico to start the Santa Fe Brewing Co. In 2003 he joined the staff at Santa Fe High, where he taught entrepreneurship and investment strategies, Spanish I and Spanish II. He took a break from Santa Fe High in 2012 to help raise local grass-fed beef for the Sweetgrass Beef Coop.  He returned in 2015 to teach welding, and in 2016 he moved over to the Visual Arts building to teach Production Systems and Introduction to Engineering and Design.

Ever since he was a teenager, Mr. Muller has wanted to be an inventor. His passion right now is “taking a concept from my head and drawing it, sketching it, designing it, and actually building it and making it work.” For example, he recently made a quail launcher, which he said “helps particularly well-fed, flight-challenged quail get some lift, kind of like a nudge from a parent when you first learn to ride a bike.” He’s still in the R&D stages on that one.

Mr. Muller has coached his daughter’s soccer team and also coached middle school basketball, but he does not coach anymore. His hobbies include cooking, traveling and “making stuff.” He also recently got his ska trucker band back together for a recent (and only) gig in Lakeview, Texas.

Mr. Muller has three kids “and they are a trip” — one in middle school, one at Santa Fe High and one at Santa Fe Community College. His wife teaches at the community college and his parents still live on a little ranch in Las Vegas.