Keith Richards


Nick Gallegos, Contributor

Mr. Richards has been teaching health, physical education and other courses at Santa Fe High since 2008. He said he enjoys how teenagers make him laugh every day. He said he “especially enjoys facilitating lessons in health education that will help students make informed and hopefully safe decisions outside of his class.”

Mr. Richards was born in Maine and graduated from the University of Maine at Orono with degrees in Business Administration and Kinesiology/Physical Education. He continues to enjoy learning about the amazing human body and said he hopes that his passion for this transfers to students who may be interested in pursuing careers in health care, medicine, etc.

Mr. Richards enjoys hiking (especially Atalaya), lifting, reading, and hanging out with his two dogs, Rudy and Finn. He has one sibling, a sister who still lives in Southern Maine. Both of his parents enjoy Florida for most of the year.

A student who wished to remain anonymous said, “I actually enjoy going to Mr. Richards’s class. I have learned so much from this man in so little time!”