David Vincent


Yasmin Moreno, Author

Mr. Vincent joined the staff of Santa Fe High in 2021 as an assistant principal to Renee Salazar-Garcia. When Ms. Garcia resigned on Nov. 3, Mr. Vincent moved into the role of interim principal. On Dec. 1, SFPS leadership announced that his position was permanent.

Mr. Vincent’s tasks in this role range anywhere from monitoring school safety to helping teachers to helping students be successful, and everything in between.

Originally from the Texas panhandle, Mr. Vincent graduated from Hartley High School, where he graduated “in the top ten” of his class. He is quick to point out that this school was so small that his class only had nine other students in it. Mr. Vincent stated, “A-Building is bigger than that whole school.” 

Mr. Vincent then graduated from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas, where he earned a degree in science. He originally wanted to be a pediatrician, but “science changed [his] mind.” Instead, he became a teacher and ¨built his way up to administration.¨ 

Mr. Vincent’s hobbies include “riding his bicycle around.” He also enjoys playing his guitar. He has been playing since he was 12. ¨Music is a good relaxer,” he said. “If I’m ever stressed, I grab my guitar.¨

Since Mr. Vincent is very big on family, he enjoys being with his loved ones. He loves hanging out with them and making each other laugh. He has a daughter who is very funny and never fails to make him laugh. She makes his “face hurt” from smiling so much. 

A self-described cat person, Mr. Vincent owns three cats. One of his cats is super hyper and does crazy things. Mr. Vincent said, ¨She loves traveling with my wife and I.¨ They take the cat in the car with them and all go to Starbucks together. His other two cats are always together and enjoy being with him. 

Mr. Vincent said he loves working with kids and is always there to help no matter what “lens” a person is looking through. Mr. Vincent loves the diversity of the students here and loves how everyone works together to be successful.