“A New Face Lift for the Tattler”, an official idea in the works


Rylan W. Martinez

The Demon Tattler has been around for a long time now. The oldest paper you could ever find from the tattler here in the city is a paper that dates back to May 23rd, 1938 which can be found framed at the Flying Tortilla restaurant on Cerrillos Road. Not implying that date specifically was when it was created, it is only uncertain to say how long the demon tattler has actually been around. In an interview with Barbara Gerber (Former Journalist Teacher from 2007 – 2020), she stated the ironic truth that Santa Fe High isn’t great at keeping track of its history. As for what the high school has in its archives is a paper that dates back to 1954. Speaking of Papers, The Online Version of the tattler would be the cheaper – more up-to-date version of what it used to be.

The Online tattler (the one we have today) was created sometime in the fall of 2015 on Student News Online Websites. The reason why that was, as it was said before, is because it was a better way to go for the SFHS Journalism group. What used to be 470$ per newspaper is now only 400$ a year in an annual subscription to SNO Sites. “With the website, instead of printing 6 – 8 issues a year, we could share even more stories and media with the youth of today,” Miss Gerber said in her interview. Students don’t read News Papers anyways, but they would read off a high school news website, more convenient and on the go – hence the Online version of the Demon Tattler was born.

Now as for “A New Face Lift”, what that means is it’s an idea that is officially set in stone by the new Journalism teacher Miss Sarah Ramirez. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, for Sarah Ramirez’s first year as the new journalism teacher, she never got a chance to put the website into use much often. Ridiculous as it seemed to be that the 2020 – 21 school year was all virtual, she had a lot on her plate anyways. Now with a new school year and with students back on campus, Miss Ramirez is still heavily busy, unfortunately. But around Mid-August, Miss Ramirez came to the idea that it was time for a fresh start for the tattler. It was only then that one of her new editors only joked about comparing her idea to the thought as a late five-year anniversary gift. Expect New Changes only to come sometime soon.